Magallanes Family

Sharing our life

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Magallanes Flores

We just celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary. It feels like we just met yesterday!


Alexandra Isabella Our first daughter. She is smart, strong and an animal lover. She is an avid reader with a creative mind well connected to her talented and artistic hands.


Sarah Paola She is our baby girl. She is smart, funny, a great story-teller and writer. She has a compassionate heart and the energy of the Energizer bunny, which makes her a great distance runner.

Furry Kids

Our family has three furry members: Chelsy - An almost 14 year-old cat, Maya- A sweet Mexican-black-lab and Spot- Our American-boy, a young English pointer mutt.

Because our family roots are deep down in Mexico, but our branches are spread out in three countries, the Magallanes Flores have found out middle ground to bloom on the web.